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Welcome to Just in case you have not heard about us, or you just happen to tumble across our website through search engines. We are the No.1 Kingston Brass Authorized online distribution merchant. As you might have noticed, we carry almost any SKU that Kingston Brass has to offer. And working on adding other brands you are familiar along the way. For the past years, we have listened to our customers, serving their needs, and answer to their questions and concerns about the products they are interested to buy. And working hard to provide them the best experience of Kitchen and Bathroom products online. This is our commitment of serving our customers, one happy customer at a time, across the globe. And thanks to this simple principle, we have gained trust and reputation that has become a tremendous contribution to the growth of our business.

Our Mission started out with one simple mission. That is to help our customers acquire the products they need at the price they are willing to pay. So we started out with Kingston Brass brand and are adding other brands along the way so our customers will have more selections and chances to do comparison. We believe in competition among manufacturers for price, quality and service of their products and we want our customers to have an opportunity to compare and choose the products they think is right to use at the very beginning. Designerfaucet Co. does not endorse any particular brand to you. But if you have any question, we will be honest to answer to you of what we know about of the particular brand or product. Without obligation to purchase!

Our Performance

Thanks to all the supports of our customers. We have become a well established and reputable online merchant in the Internet community. Our success reflects the efforts we have put in for the past years. The recognition and appreciation of our customers are the power source that keeps pushing us to move ahead and to do better. We have grown beyond what we had expected and now are expanding our business internationally. You can anticipate to see products under Designer Faucet brand and are available to purchase across the globe in years to come. For that, we can guarantee.

Our Appreciation

Designer Faucet company's success story does not come easy. For that story, it would take too long to share with you. However, we can tell you one thing, one important contribution of our success is you - our customers and our business partners. Without your supports, feed backs and co-operation, we would not have come such a long way. For that, we would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation.